The single-use plastic bag ban for the stores in UK, both Coles and Woolworths has been blamed for a slump in sales.  Woolworths’ sale growth had slowed down in the first seven weeks of the new financial year when they banned single-use bags.  Coles has admitted banning single-use plastic bags have hurt sales, which led the supermarket to handing out reusable bags for free after customer complaints. So do you also bring back the free plastic bags that are hurting our environment? Absolutely Not! You can easily use a combination of different strategies so that your customers bring their own tote bags and your sales does not suffer at all.

First thing you go to do is offer a disposable bag for 5-10 cents. The best thing to do here is to offer a paper bag for a small amount. For most people these few cents are enough of message and they do want to avoid your paid paper or plastic bag. This is still useful for the customers who are there to buy something but forgot to bring their totebag.

The net step is to offer various choices of tote bags to your customers. A lot of stores offer only one type of tote bags to their customer. Not all customers like the same kind bag. Tote Bags come in different size, shapes and tastes. So offer them various options.

One the misunderstanding a lot of stores have is that if the people are offered a cheap bag, the they are more likely to buy it and carry it around. The reality is other way around. If you offer them a well made product that looks valuable and ownership worthy, then your customers are more likely to carry it around, It takes a lot to help your customers change their habits and form new habits.

Carrying your tote bags to shopping is brand new habit for most of the customers. Bombay Bags is an expert on Tote Bags. Tote Bags is all we do! We have helped a lot of our customers to successfully ride this change to help their customers carry their tote bags. Like any change, it is a great opportunity for the Grocery Stores. And the Stores who will do better on this count will automatically be ahead of their competitors. And we are here to help you!